Akademija za jezik, govor i tekst (abbreviated Akademija d.o.o.) is a language and translation center whose high-quality language programs are based on individual language requirements of their clients, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Akademija is a highly competent team of teachers, specialists and translators who:

  • follow new trends in language teaching and translation
  • create specific programs tailor-made to suit their clients’ requirements
  • select and create materials to fully complement language programs
  • are flexible and innovative in their language teaching approach (PLTM)
  • measure student’s specific progress in the application of acquired language skills and provide feedback
  • provide high-quality written and oral translations

Become a leading institution in the field of intensive language development and advancement of written and spoken language.

Provide complete language programs tailor-made to suit clients’ requirements, flexibility and implementation of up-to-date solutions in language teaching and translation.

Modernity Flexibility Completeness Applicability

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